Our Chocolate Factory

Where the magic happens.

Our Chocolate Story

1999 B.D.C. (Before Dan's Chocolates) - While many great ideas are hatched in boardrooms, still others spring from more modest origins. Having witnessed the incredible growth of the Internet, Dan began looking for the next big thing, the next paradigm shift to rouse the senses. And one cold January night the obvious question arose, "What about chocolate? Really great, fresh chocolate. The kind of chocolate that makes your taste buds beg for more?" And just like that, a revolution was born.

Chocolate Factory Wonders

There's something magical about a chocolate factory. The scent, the crazy-looking machines, the secret hope in all of us to run into Willy Wonka...

Take a peek into our factory and get a good look at just how our tasty treats are created and shipped directly to you!

Photo Courtesy of the World Cocoa Foundation

The World Cocoa Foundation

For us, quality goes beyond taste. It includes the ethical sourcing of ingredients. That's why we purchase our cacao via The World Cocoa Foundation, an organization committed to "putting farmers first - promoting agricultural and environmental stewardship, and strengthening development in cocoa-growing communities."

What we do not get from The World Cocoa Foundation, we have done our absolute best to acquire within 100 miles of our factory in Westerly, Rhode Island.