Dan's Chocolate Fundraiser

All tastebuds, remain calm.

Dan's Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser
Chocolate Fundraiser Order Form

How it Works

Run a Dan's Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser in just three easy steps:

1. Distribute our chocolate order forms to your students/group members. Encourage and reward their participation as much as possible.

2. Students sell truffle packs to family, friends, neighbors, and other community members. Customers place their orders, choosing from our six delicious flavors. Each pack contains 16 truffles and is sold for $12. Students collect all cash and checks.

3. Parents and fundraiser coordinators collect orders and tally total earnings -- we have an incredibly easy online system to help you stay organized. Then, place your final order.

Your final order will be shipped to you just one week after you place your final order with Dan's.


Promotional Rate

Regular Rate


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of all sales.

Who receives the promotional rate?

Your school or group keeps


of all sales.

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shipping, always.