Our Online Platform

We've brought fundraising into the 21st century.

Organization & Set-Up

Our online platform keeps you organized by tracking every order in one, manageable place.

You won't have to worry about scraps of paper, post-it notes, or other inconveniences throughout the course of your fundraiser. Everything will be automatically stored for your use that you can access from a simple link in an email.

Order Entry & Payment

There are two unique things about order entry that fundraiser organizers love.

1. Parents have the ability to enter their childrens' orders directly into the online system themselves, rather than submitting a physical order form. This helps distribute the work of the organizer.

2. As orders are entered by the fundraiser organizer and parents, a piggy bank will appear next to the students' names. Simply click the piggy bank and it will turn to a dollar sign to signify the student has brought in the cash/checks for their order. This is an extremely quick way of keeping track of which students have paid and which have not.

Sorting & Pick Tickets

Our pick tickets are large and easy to read. They also have color coded tabs that tells organizers how many of each truffle pack to give to each student. This makes sorting of orders much simpler and faster — no cross referencing order forms!

Pick tickets can be sorted alphabetically, by grade, or by class — whatever is easiest for the organizer.

Reporting & Rewards

Our system calculates your total earnings and needed sorting materials. It is also built to minimize/prepare for errors. And, it allows you to place your final order with Dan's with one simple click.

If you choose to run Dan's Rewards Program, the system will do all of the work for you. It will tell you exactly what to give each participant for their reward and will make sure you receive all of the correct rewards materials!