2 Things to Do

Let the good times roll.

Dan's Chocolate Truffles

2. Reward Participation

Students respond greatly when they are rewarded for their participation in your fundraiser. Like a sticker on completed homework, it reminds them that their effort was valued on a personal level. This encourages them to continue participating in future fundraisers.

It also sparks interest in those who did not participate, because they see the benefits of hard work and dedication. They will aspire to receive the reward next time.

We have found that the Dan's Reward Program is the number one driver in student participation across all of our fundraisers.

1. Expect Participation

Fundraising works like huskies pulling a dog sled — with more people working together, you get a lot farther. Distributing the effort and expecting (not merely suggesting) some level of participation from every student or group member will increase your final dollars kept substantially.

Set a reachable goal for each participant to sell a minimum of 3-5 truffle packs. You'll be amazed at how much faster your totals add up.

We have found that personal phone calls home to parents from fundraiser organizers or principals emphasizing this expectation has increased participation by ~15% in most cases.