High Commissions

It's just fun to earn more.


This promotional rate is often worth hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

Our Promotion for New Groups

If your school or group is new to the Dan's Fundraising Program, you are eligible for our 60% Promotional Rate for a future Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser.

In order to receive this promotion, your school or group must run one Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser at our regular rate (50%) and sell at least 100 pouches of chocolate.

Once you have done this, we will automatically improve your earnings rate from 50% of all sales to 60% for your next Truffle Pack Chocolate Fundraiser.

Please note, this promotion is valid for only one fundraiser.


It takes two to fundraise!

Never Earn Less than 50%

Fundraising takes equal effort from your school or group and our company to be a success! We provide the products, you do the selling — a 50/50 split.
That's why your school or group will never keep less than 50% of your total sales.


How much more you save (on average) with free shipping.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all of our chocolate fundraisers. In many cases, this is worth hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars that your school or group gets to keep.

That's a lot of nickels. And a lot of dimes.