Motivation for participation.

Rewards for Students

We strongly believe that participation is the key to fundraising. A great way to increase participation rates is to offer small rewards to encourage kids to get involved. This is why Dan's Chocolate Fundraiser has the option for you to include our Dan's Reward program.

This means your participants will receive recognition for their hard work with no extra hassle on your end. A very small percentage of your fundraiser's earnings will be given back to participants, letting them understand that the money they've earned directly impacts them (in more ways than one!). In many cases, rewards increase overall earnings by 10% or more.

Truffle Icon

Chocolate Truffle Reward

Sell 5 Truffle Packs: Receive 3 pc Chocolate Ball Reward.

Cash Reward Icon

Cash Reward

Sell 15 Truffle Packs: Receive $15 Cash Reward + 3 pc Chocolate Ball Reward.

For Each Additional 15 Truffle Packs Sold: Receive another $15 Cash.

*Cash rewards do not compound. For example, if a student sells 33 packs of chocolate, he or she will get a $30 cash reward. Not $15 + $30.

Cash rewards are paid via your fundraiser's earnings, not by Dan's.