Simple Fundraisers

Click below to learn how we keep things simple across the board.


Catalog Fundraisers

Unconsumable products that clutter the home (such as wrapping paper, candles, or wreaths).

Hundreds of products per fundraiser. Difficult for kids to articulate what they are selling & for consumers to decide on what they're buying. Sorting is a nightmare.

Dan's Fundraisers

Highly-demanded products that are consumed or used in a matter of weeks.

One product per fundraiser, so kids understand (and love) what they are selling.

Chocolate Fundraiser Truffles
Chocolate Fundraiser Order Form

Rainbow Simplicity

In addition, our chocolate fundraisers are made even easier for students and customers by using the colors of the rainbow.

This does a few things:
1. It limits the number of flavors to six -- this is easy for students, parents, and customers to work with.

2. Consumers remember their favorite color from year to year.

3. Filling out order forms is a breeze, as each flavor is marked clearly by its corresponding color.

4. Sorting orders by color is simple. No cross-checking product names.